Have you encountered any of these?

  • Computer is too slow?
  • PC acting up?
  • Computer won't turn on or internet keeps disconnecting?
  • Programs aren't working and downloads are taking forever?
  • Machine keeps restarting?
  • Having problems getting online?
  • Do you have a virus?

I can fix all those problems and so much!

I have a network of shops and contacts in the field, so no matter what your problem is I can help!

  • I include the tools I used to fix your machine in a file I leave on your desktop, so the next time you have a problem you are able to fix it yourself!
  • I include free antivirus!
  • I optimize your machine to make it run at peak performance!
  • I build gaming rigs!
  • Install video cards!
  • Upgrade RAM!
  • New hard drive!
  • Re-install windows operating system!
  • Need a website or reports transcribed?  We can do that too!